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Education Fund Holy Family Care Centre Ofcolaco" started on October, 24, 2005 by the initiative of Margriet and Frank Kraak from the Netherlands. They were regular visitors of the Centre since 2003. As volunteers they try to give all kinds of support to the children and the sisters of the congregation OLSH who run the centre.

The aim of the foundation is to raise funds for the education of children living at the Holy Family Centre, who are infected with HIV or suffer from AIDS. For more information about the Centre, click the link at the top.

Since the Centre started in 2001 children in the age from 3 months to 14-15 years old are taken care of at the Centre.
Children in the lower ages visit crèche which is situated on the Centre itself.
The older ones go to primary school in Calais, a village nearby.

Most of the children at Ofcolaco are doing very well. This means that some of them have finished primary school and are already visiting high school or technical college, mostly away from the Centre. Even three have already finished higher education and are at work.
Our first goal is to provide for funding to make these continuation courses available.

Possible ways to do this are to provide the necessary funds for their education as well as by sponsoring extra teaching at the Centre itself.  
Our foundation wants to be as transparent as possible about the way we exploit our funds.
Therefore you will find an overview of the financial position of the foundation, assets and liabilities on this site (updated yearly)

Of course your gifts are more than welcome.






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